The Deathlight Corps

Life is dripping through my blinded Eyes
I'm the abominated Saviour in Disguise
Raising from opaque Blight
I bring thee eternal Light

Ascension of the Core
Babylon provides the Whore
Blood floods Mankinds Shores, hail to the Deathlight Corps

Dissection of their Souls
Dissection of their...

Wailing Souls await them on the other Side
As Night beckons they pace through the Mirror of their Frights
Into the glistening Light
To face my second Sight

Ascension of the Core

It's a Crosspath of Pain
Seamed by the Monolith's of Torture
Now which Way to choose?
For those who sought Relief found Sorrow

I bait them all
The Embers of Hell spread wide into their swollen Eyes
Which still cannot see the fell Truth the feint
The Source of all Deathlight...

And their Minds are lost to my Hypocrisy
The Feather seals the Pact with Blood
Their Souls are mine!

Under the Ivory Throne of Lust and Agony
The Blatancy remains unheard
forever now...