Forces of Heresy

Crying naked to the Bones
The good Ones show their Force
Heartless ruled over your poor Soul
Pain will break the Resistance

Inquisition - Anxiety
Heresy forces the Extermination

With Laughing they enjoy their sick Games
Hellfire will bring the awaited Justice

Tortured with Fire & Whip
Suffering in your own cold Blood
Dispairing search out of that Torment
Now it's Time to change your Mind

Inquisition - Anxiety
Heresy forces the ethnic Cleansing

Now she's broken, God's Work is done
Defleshed one more Disciple, the Evil is gone
The body's been killed by the Cross, you're blinded by the Fire
Redemption is near
Redemption is near, reborn to suffer
Time will come to destroy this sick Empire