Portal to my Resurrection

Awaking with Depressions in a Maze of Thoughts
It burns like Nails in my Brain
Enjoy to be cold Flesh without any Mind
Or mysterious Life after Death
Resurrection, deep black Hole, Eternity
Or will the Soul be on the Search for a new Host

The confused Illusions in my unending Dreams
Trying to escape from the sick Temptations
Leaving Reality to fight your Fear
And play with Madness, the Game with no Return

Are you immortal? A Slave for the Fate
But you're showing Sarcasm to suppress the inner Despair

God help me to realize your Being & your Deeds
But I'm shure you're not my Leader
So fuck off & disappear

Spiritual Salvation, unnecessary Humanity
Absurd Evolution, Help is what I need
Temptation, Illusion, Abhorrence, Damnation
Eternal Destruction, Truth is what I need
Insanity or Creed

Am I immortal? A Slave for the Fate
Bring me to the Portal and I'll beg for reawake

Hate means my Desire, needing Temptations like Wrath
The only Way to (the) Knowledge, the Portal to my Resurrection

The Tongues from Demons lick into my Brain
They peel my Skin & crush my Bones
To suffer Violence in my Head
It's just the Truth you belong to
Take me to the Throne & I'll bode ill
I Let them breed, I've got to kill
The Truth is only what they need
Damnation will be your Creed