What happened so far

The idea for "Soul Devoured" was born in winter 2001. At this point Tom had no Live-Band & therefor he had some time for composing. Within a few weeks the structures of most of the songs were set. The guitar riffs were much harder & heavier as those of Tom's former bands. Not only new material has been used, also 4-5 years old riffs from cassette tapes which fitted into the new concept seamlessly. Tom decided to realize this project not alone. With Mario Fast he found a suitable guitarist who should be equal to this musical challange. Both played with "Tears Of Silence" between 1995 & 1997. Mario himself also had written some parts so there should be nothing in the way for a complete CD. Both recorded a demo with programmed drums & bass. As singer Andi Schwarz has been choosen. He was former "Endocrane" bass player & lately was singer in "Embodiment". After an unsuccessful search for a proper drummer they decided to keep up the programmed drums...and also the programmed bass. The next month it became a bit quieter around the band. Lyrics have been written, riffs been practiced. Until all three went on vacation in August 2002. In hard detail work the guitar tracks were recorded at Watertower Studios (Tom's living room) before Andi did the vocals at the former "Tears Of Silence" rehearsal room.

Around Christmas the mixing process started. The track "Forces of Heresy" convinced the writers of "Rock Hard", the biggest german Metal-magazine, to feature Soul Devoured on their annual "Unerhört" CD-sampler (best unsigned bands) & interview them.