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Melodic Rock/Metal band from Lower Austria

Metal, tasty Homepage ;-)

Styrian Melodic Death

Well done Rock-Covers & self written stuff

German melodic Death Band

Death-Core from Germany

Metal band from Austria

Cool Alternative-band

Unique Coverband from Lower Austria

Viennese Crossover

Speed/Thrash Metal from Germany

Neustadt's Punk band No.1

Death Metal band from Linz

The wild horde...

Gothic Black Metal band feat. guest vocalist Max

Melody-Gothic Metal



Metal Websites


E-zine Germany

Award-winning site

Austrian extreme-metal site

German Metal site

Metal-zine from Spain (also in english)

Austrian supersite

German mag

Right to the ears

Cool webzine

German mag & mailorder

Webmag from the states

Respect, extending site

German supersite

German site

Webzine from Austria

Online mag from Germany

Metal station from Salzburg

Metal again, this time in english

German newcomer site

Great german site

Metal station Int. union of Metal bands

German undergroundzine

German Metal page

Cool german site

Metal mag geman & english

Austria's eldest online-mag

One swiss guy, so much Metal !

Alternative & Metal mag

Great english Site

Very informative magazine

German mag



Irish pub Wr. Neustadt

PC Infos, links & more

DVD mailorder

Dressin' up Jesus ;-)

The legend lives!

Happy Tree Friends

Forum for movies & music



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