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< 07/20/04 > We started working for our second CD, next week we're testing a drummer once again. As a bridgeover we give you a screenshot which wanna make you think. Look at the entries in Google when you search for Soul Devoured ;-) No fake, try it! HERE'S THE SCEENSHOT.

< 02/27/04 > It’s been a long time since the last update. Time to review the last year of Soul Devoured:

In January we released our debut CD „Eleven deadly Sins“. We also were featured in the biggest german Metal-mag „Rock Hard“ with an interview & song on one of their compilation CDs in January. Over the year we sold CDs all over Europe, mainly to german-speaking countries. The reviews in print- and online media were good or even better. We also left good impressions in the United States at In August „The Deathlight Corps“ was featured on an Underground compilation of the swiss website „Schwermetall“. Here are some statistics of our site from last year. The countries with the most visitors were: Austria (78%, 2354 Hits), Germany (8%, 255), USA (3%, 103), Sweden (2%, 81) and Switzerland (1%, 48). In 2003 we had over 3000 visitors from 24 countries.

2004 Soul Devoured will release some new stuff. We’re still searching for a drummer. We got a new bass player, you’ll here more about him next time…

So here are the news for this update. New links to Midgard, Metal News Austria & In our Fun Pix Gallery you’ll meet the youngest Soul Devoured fan, thanx to Alex & Yvonne! Last but not least there’s a new fine review from the german website.

< 10/31/03 > Here's our Halloween update! 2 new (and great) reviews are online. First from german Blooddawn mag and second from the United States (Maelstrom mag). Both sites have also been added to our link section.

< 09/10/03 > 3 new reviews from german mags are online, our first not so positve one from "Metal Inside" (but this one is quite unqualified, like we play Black Metal & Tom is singing???). Reviews from "Mordor" & "Walls Of Fire" mag are the exact opposite, they nearly overpraise us (but we're used to...*g*). Also those last 2 sites have been added to our Link-Section.

< 08/09/03 > "The Deathlight Corps" is our contribution on the swiss "Schwermetall-sampler" ( More infos you'll find under "Releases". Also we've 4 new links. The station "Int. union of metal bands", "Metalfabrik" (a metal station from Salzburg), viennese Crossover sensation "Proxonic" & the german Death-Core band Invoid, who are also featured on the Schwermetall-sampler! Last but not least I wanna remind you that we have a voting going on in our "Special" section where you can decide what's your favourite Soul Devoured song.

< 07/16/03 > One new review from german Legacy mag is online. Also 2 links were added, & german Metal Inside mag.

< 07/01/03 > 36 new reviews of "Forces of Heresy" from are online. Also there a review from "Slam" mag under "Reviews". "Reflection", a german Speed/Trash Metal band has been linked, also "Slam" mag & our site at (where you can download the new & unreleased version of "Forces of Heresy").

< 06/18/03 > New reviews of our "Eleven deadly Sins" CD from My revelations, Resurrection & from Nocturnal Hall mag online.

< 06/01/03 > 32 new reviews of the new version of "Forces of Heresy" from can be seen under "Reviews". Also this song will be "Track of the Day" at garageband tomorrow (Monday). Here's the link .

< 05/26/03 > 2 new links, "Nocturnal Hall" magazine & the "World of Movies" forum (there's also something to read about music there). "Forces of Heresy" has been selected "Track of the Day" at (see link)!!! This version is different then the version of our "Eleven deadly Sins" CD. The sample in the middle part has been removed & replaced by a guitar solo. This version is only available at & will soon be available at!

< 05/22/03 > From now on Soul Devoured is featured at Please visit us there (go to "Links"), first reviews are on.

< 05/11/03 > Four new reviews from Metalglory,, Ancient Spirit & Earshot are online. "Noone" (cool Rock-Crossover) have been added to our "Links"-section.

< 04/03/03 > A new CD review from swiss Schwermetall zine has been addad. Also 2 new links: Icon, a german melodic death band &, the austrian specialists for extreme music.

< 03/30/03 > The CD review of Vampster mag & the link to the My Revelations page has been added.

< 03/14/03 > First CD reviews came in, from Graveyard-, Neckbreaker- and the Vampire-magazine. Graveyard-mag also did an interview with us, everything you can read under "reviews". Delicious Bowels e-zine has been added in our links-section.

< 02/28/03 > Soul Devoured on Orange Radio? More please. News in our link-section: Remission records, Lärmbelästigung-zine & a great spanish magazine called Castle of Vampiria. And yes, Andi has become a dad, congratulations!

< 02/01/03 > This update features: Some pictures of our CD-release-party, click "Gallery"! Some articles from local newspapers & the "Rock Hard" interview under "Reviews" (all in german). And very important: Check out "specials" were you can vote your favourite song of Soul Devoured, in case you got the CD! If not look at our "Ordering" section & be amazed how low priced you can get quality nowadays ;-)

< 01/27/03 > Finally the english version of our homepage has been released. Enjoy!